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Our experience

Technology transfer offices benefit from Ximbio’s existing relationships and master agreements with more than 200 life science companies. The extensive resources Ximbio provides makes the commercialisation of research tools simple with licences and agreements already in place.


Our success stories 

University of Cambridge - Technology Transfer Office 

University of Lancaster - Research & Enterprise Services


Our Services for Technology Transfer Offices

Reduce your MTA burden

Access additional resources who can help you manage and fulfil the MTA requests you receive.

Simply your reagent commercialisation

Save time, generate income and simplify your research tool commercialisation process by partnering with us.

Access hidden sources of revenue

Take advantage of our research tool experience and let us help you to identify and locate your research tools on campus.

Reduce your research tool portfolio administration

Save time as we manage the promotion, identification and distribution of your research tools for you.

Resolve any third-party IP queries

Partner with us on a case-by-case basis to ensure your research tools can be licenced

Simplify your research tool storage process

Simplify the management of your research tool storage process through our existing agreements with multiple repositories

Quickly fulfil your academic and commercial research tool requests

Discover how we produce research tools at scale, ensuring your research tools are quickly and efficiently shipped to those who have requested them.

Generate additional revenue through licensing agreements

Create new revenue streams by taking advantage of our out-licensing service, managing the entire research tool out-licensing process for you.

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