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Our Services

We understand the challenges you face in your day-to-day role, whether you are a researcher, part of a Technology Transfer Office or a Life Sciences Organisation. By partnering with Ximbio you can access a range of services, tailored to helping you generate revenue, reduce your administration burden and simplify management of your reagents.


Our services include:

  • Reagent sourcing – Explore a diverse range of reagents through our easily-accessible portfolio. Discover a cost-effective approach to reagent sourcing as well as exclusive access to CRUK developed tools.
  • Reagent Commercialisation – Streamline the commercialisation of your reagents and increase team efficiency. Take advantage of our existing commercial relationships and benefit from our end-to-end management of your commercialisation process.
  • Portfolio Management – Access a worldwide audience and reduce your reagent portfolio administration. Discover a relationship that puts your interests first, working with you to manage your portfolio and to identify new revenue streams.
  • Identifying your reagents on campus – Access hidden sources of revenue and receive a comprehensive list of the reagents you own, as we discover new reagents on-campus.
  • IP due diligence and management – Resolve all your reagent ownership queries. Trust in our reagent industry expertise and achieve greater team efficiency by allowing us to manage your reagent licensing process.
  • Reagent storage – Simplify the management of your reagent storage process. Benefit from our expertise and existing repository agreements to reduce your administration burden, achieve a reagent safety net and ensure complete management of your reagent storage process.
  • OEM manufacture and Quality Control – Ensure the reproducibility of your reagents by benefitting from our rigorous quality control system. Easily meet requests for your reagents through our expert reagent manufacture including the ability to scale up reagents as needed.
  • Out-licensing – Generate additional revenue through both academic and commercial out-licensing agreements. Benefit from active reagent promotion to our large network of commercial partnerships.

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