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Streamline the commercialisation of your research tools

Commercialising your research tools can help you create new collaborations, provide opportunity for impact, generate income and can even raise new areas of research activity. Commercialising your research tools generates revenue for you and your institute as any profits that are generated are shared between inventors and CRUK to further its research. The commercialisation process can be time-consuming and complicated. We are experts within the research tool industry and can manage your research tool commercialisation for you, streamlining your process.

Benefit From:

  • Increased your efficiency  – We provide end-to-end management of your reagent commercialisation process, saving you and your team valuable time.
  • Active reagent promotion – We actively promote your reagents to a global network of academics, life science companies and tech transfer offices.
  • Existing commercial relationships – We have existing partnerships with over 200 life science companies and repositories, saving you the need to expend the time and effort to establish these relationships yourself.
  • Special access to CRUK developed tools – Gain special access to any tools developed through CRUK funded research.

Discover how our commercialisation activities are tailored to you:

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