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How we can help

Researchers benefit from Ximbio’s expertise and experience in sourcing and commercialising their research tools. We help to make your research tools available to scientists worldwide through our networks of commercial partners, suppliers and institutions.

Ximbio is a non-profit dedicated to making life science research tools widely and easily available to you and other scientists, to accelerate life science research. We do this by maintaining and commercialising a portfolio of research tools worldwide. 


Why use Ximbio?

Simplify the commercialisation of your research tools

We identify and commercialise your research tools for you, reducing your administration burden

Generate income for you and your institute

We share any revenue generated from the commercialisation of your research tools with you and your institute

Increase your profile

Ximbio partners with more than 70 institutions worldwide, ensuring the widest possible visibility of your research tools

Save time

Ximbio provides a ‘one stop shop’ for all your research tool needs, from identifying research tools with commercial potential that often go to waste in the back of freezers or are lost when researchers leave, to managing and responding to enquiries about your research tools on your behalf

Be more efficient

We can help you source relevant research tools for your research quickly and simply

Build a network

The Ximbio portfolio allows you to share your research tools with over 200 life science companies worldwide

Support cancer research

Ximbio is a non-profit that is part of the technology transfer licensing team within Cancer Research UK (CRUK). Ximbio’s share of the revenue generated from commercialising research tools is fed directly back to CRUK to continue investment in cancer research


Our experience

More than 7900 researchers from 1900 institutes worldwide, have already connected with Ximbio to source research tools.

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Succes Story - Anne Lykkesfeldt

Former Head of Department, Breast Cancer Research at the Danish Cancer Society

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