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Access a worldwide audience and reduce your reagent portfolio administration

When your researchers produce reagents, keeping track of them all can be tricky. Responding to reagent licensing and information requests and managing your reagent portfolio can often take up more time than you can spare. Partnering with us allows you to focus on your core activities whilst still generating revenue from your portfolio. This is because we manage the promotion, distribution and shipping of your reagent portfolio for you, ensuring your portfolio remains up-to-date and is accessible to a global audience.

Benefit From:

A relationship that puts your interests first

Our portfolio managers establish close working relationships with you and use their reagent knowledge to discover, promote and maintain your reagent portfolio.

End-to-end portfolio management

We will manage your portfolio for you; responding to any reagent licensing or product information queries you may normally receive, promoting your reagents through our portfolio and marketing activities, allowing you to keep track of your commercialised reagents through a simple list on our portfolio dashboard and managing the distribution and shipping process to ensure your reagents are safely delivered to end users.

A new revenue stream

Focus on your core projects while gaining revenue from your reagents, as we share back any revenue generated.

A comprehensive dashboard

Our portfolio provides you with an easy-to-access dashboard, allowing you to track the progress of your reagents into storage and view the number of enquiries you have received as well as the number and type of reagents your institute has currently commercialised.

View the reagents currently on our portfolio:

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