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How we can help

Accessing reagents developed in academic centres when needed for your organisation’s research can be difficult, especially when the process of obtaining these reagents from some institutes can be long and complex. This is often exacerbated by the difficulties of sourcing these reagents in the first place. Partnering with us provides you with an easily accessible portfolio of a diverse range of different reagents including antibodies, cell lines, hybridomas, peptides, proteins and other small molecules.

Why use Ximbio?

Simplify your reagent purchasing process – Ximbio’s existing relationships with institutes allows you to license and obtain new reagents quickly, without the hassle of having to carry out due diligence checks. In addition, we can provide OEM services, ensuring you receive your new reagents quickly and hassle free.

Quickly source new reagents - Our online reagent portfolio allows you to simply and easily find new and unique reagents to use in your research

Uncover new sources of reagents – Ximbio partners with a number of institutes who have not previously worked with pharma companies, providing you with new reagent sources.