Cancer Research Technology
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Benefit from your research tools

Antibodies, cell lines, animal models and other research tools are ubiquitous throughout research, but are often forgotten once a research project ends.

This means researchers often recreate existing research tools, leading to a loss of valuable research time, productivity and resources. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

types of research tools

Making your research tools widely available through a strategic partner:

  • widens awareness of your research tools’ existence, improving worldwide access to your tools;
  • saves time for researchers to focus on the bigger research questions by reducing research tool admin and expanding focused research time; and
  • improves sustainability within the industry, reducing the resources spent recreating existing research tools and providing existing research tools with a second lease of life.

Ultimately therefore, making your research tools available worldwide can lead to accelerated research discoveries.

Making your research tools widely available through Ximbio 

Ximbio is a non-profit organisation and is part of Cancer Research UK, one of the largest charitable funders of cancer research worldwide. Partner with Ximbio to:

  • Make your lab’s research tools available globally. Ximbio is well placed to support you in making your research tool widely available with established partnerships at 165+ institutes worldwide
  • Gain a strategic partner for your lab's research tools. With 35+ years’ experience making research tools available globally, Ximbio is an expert in research tools – from sourcing and management to production and shipping
  • Become members of a global community of researchers dedicated to accelerating research discoveries. Contributing your research tools as a member of this community, provides your lab with opportunities to connect with like-minded researchers and identify possible future collaboration opportunities.
  • Support the acceleration of cancer research. As part of Cancer Research UK, making your research tools available through Ximbio supports cancer research funded by the charity
  • Generate income for your lab and institute. Revenue generated from making your research tools available is shared back with the inventing institute and lab

Make a difference beyond your lab