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Resolve all your reagent ownership queries

Identifying any existing third-party IP within your reagents is vital when commercialising your products. This is because licensing reagents is only possible when you have the freedom to do so and that begins with identifying the original inventor/s of the reagents. Understanding the ownership and intellectual property (IP) landscape of your reagents is crucial to commercialisation but identifying the inventor/s and the owner/s can become complicated, especially when the reagent has been created from multiple parts. We can support you in this process by partnering with you on a case-by-case basis, to ensure we are free to license these materials.

Benefit From:

Complete IP and licensing management 

We manage your licensing process for you, ensuring that your third-party licensing and IP queries are in the best hands.

Reagent Industry expertise 

Ximbio is an expert within the reagent industry and uses its knowledge to assist you with your third-party IP enquiries on a case-by-case basis.

Greater team efficiency

Utilising our reagent expertise, allows you to save time as we create MTAs and other licensing agreements for you.