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Simplify the management of your research tool storage process

Storing research tools on your institute’s campus, can be tricky due to research tool storage requirements, freezer space constraints and the cost of maintaining a viable research tool stock. In some circumstances it can be preferable to store these research tools at off-site repositories. However, the process of storing research tools off-site, can be effort-intensive, lengthy and difficult, with each repository requiring a unique contract. These take time to negotiate and finalise. We can simplify this process for you, by using our existing agreements with multiple research tool repositories, each of which specialises in different types of research tools, to simplify the storage process for any research tools we commercialise for you.

Benefit From:

Complete management of the research tools storage process

We can manage the process of storing your research tools at a repository for you, giving you the confidence that your research tools are in safe hands.

Existing repository agreements

Utilise our existing repository agreements, saving yourself the complications and cost of putting together individual agreements with each repository.

A reduced administrative burden

Avoid the burden and time requirements of managing your licensing and supply obligations as we manage the process for you.

A research tool storage safety net

Having a separate storage bank of your research tools, enables you to quickly replace your research tool populations if anything were to happen to your research tools on-campus.