Cancer Research Technology
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About Us

Ximbio is the world's largest non-profit dedicated to life science research tools of all kinds.

We are part of the technology transfer licensing team (Commercial Partnerships) within Cancer Research UK, the largest independent funder of cancer research in the world. Any profit we generate is used to support Cancer Research UK’s work. 

Our mission is to make life science research tools widely and easily available to you and other scientists to accelerate life science research. 

Cancer Research UK

Ximbio originates from Cancer Research UK. Ximbio is operated as a business unit of CRUK, and focuses on all areas of biology.

“We have created Ximbio to be a place where scientists and Technology Transfer Offices can commercialise and share their research, and life science companies can source new products, in a streamlined process. We partner with institutions and researchers to help them save both time and resources, whilst making tools widely and easily available, to maximise the visibility and impact of all research tools. By unifying the research tool community in this way, we hope to accelerate life science research.”

Bob Bondaryk, Head of Ximbio