Cancer Research Technology
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Protecting your legacy

The research tools you have generated through your research can be of interest and value to other scientists worldwide. Making your research tools widely available prevents your tools from needing to be replicated in another lab, leading to lab resource and effort savings. However, making your research tools widely available can detract from your primary focus: research.

A strategic partner: Ximbio

Ximbio is a non-profit organisation and is part of Cancer Research UK, one of the largest charitable funders of cancer research worldwide. Partner with Ximbio to:

  • Gain a strategic partner for your research tools. Ximbio partners with researchers at 170+ institutes worldwide to make their research tools widely available; from sourcing and management to production and shipping. 
  • Help your lab's researchers focus on the bigger research questions. Ximbio will make your research tools widely available, allowing your researchers to focus on progressing your lab’s research at a faster pace.
  • Safeguard your research tools for the future. Ximbio’s own biorepository and existing partnerships with other specialist biorepositories worldwide gives you the peace of mind that your research tools are well protected for the future.
  • Join a global community of researchers dedicated to accelerating research discoveries. Discover opportunities to connect with like-minded researchers and identify possible future collaboration opportunities.
  • Generate income for your lab and institute. Revenue generated from making your research tools available is shared back with the inventing institute and lab.

Make a difference beyond your lab