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Need to access a rare research tool or source a research tool found in a research paper? Ximbio often has priority access to newly created research tools, through its direct links with academic institutes and researchers. We also supply popular ranges of research tools through our commercial life science partners. These can be found on our website or by contacting us directly with details of the research tool you require.

How We Can Help

Accessing our portfolio will enable you to quickly and easily source the research tool you need for your experiments.

Benefit by:

Finding the right research tools for your experiments,

using the fully searchable database of Ximbio’s worldwide portfolio of unique and diverse research tools

Accessing all the research tool information you need,

through the portfolio’s high-quality datasheets. These provide product details such as the sources, production, applications and associated references for each product

Connecting swiftly and securely to your chosen research tool supplier,

through our direct links to supplier websites

Receiving your chosen research tools quickly and securely,

directly from Ximbio or one of its trusted global suppliers


How it Works

How it Works [Reagent Sourcing]

Our experience

Discover how Martin Cox benefitted from partnering with Ximbio to deposit his research tools.

Our Research Tool Porfolio

Simplify the search, sourcing and purchasing of research tools.