Head of Enterprise Services, Newcastle University

"CRT Reagents has been commercialising research reagents created at Newcastle University since 2009, primarily antibodies, but more recently other reagents too. CRT Reagents identifies the reagents via PubMed mining, and through direct contact with scientists at Newcastle. They also provide reports on activities pertaining to Newcastle reagents, including licensing and sales, every 8 weeks, ensuring that financial reporting is done on time and that Newcastle gets their share of income in a timely manner.

Newcastle University’s Research and Enterprise services offers support and development for all University research, commercial services, intellectual property, consultancy, and other externally funded projects. The FMS Enterprise Team is a 'one-stop shop' for everything enterprise related and our remit includes supporting the commercialisation of the activity of the Faculty through identifying new opportunities, spin-out company development, Clinical Project Development activities, patenting, licensing; and all other activities that help to get the University’s research and expertise into external application. Working with CRT Reagents has provided an easy way of getting research reagents into the academic community.

We value the fact that CRT Reagents proactively identifies reagents, and have found that their processes are efficient and straightforward, and payment is on time."

Martin Cox, Head of Enterprise Services in the Faculty of Medical Sciences and Assistant Director of the University's Research and Enterprise Services, Newcastle University.