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Generate additional revenue through your licensing agreements

A large proportion of revenue generated for many institutes and organisations comes from out-licensing. Partnering with us allows you to benefit from our licensing and research tool expertise, generating revenue from your research tools, for you. We manage the entire out-licensing process , negotiating both academic and commercial research tool out-licensing and commercial agreements. We then manage the collection and distribution of royalties back to you under our revenue sharing agreement, consolidating reports from multiple vendors to keep things simple.

Benefit From:

Academic and commercial out-licensing

Save time and increase your team’s efficiency as we manage any commercial or academic research tool out-licensing requests you receive.

Active research tool promotion to our large network of commercial partners

We actively promote your research tools through our existing partnerships with over 200 life science companies, increasing the number of out-licensing opportunities for your research tools.

An additional revenue stream

We manage your licensing process for you, generating revenue from your research tools.

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