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Access hidden sources of revenue

Your institute has a lot of storage spaces spread across its campus. This combined with staff turnover i.e. people leaving and joining the university due to retirement, grant or job changes, means having an accurate record of all the reagents you have on campus can be difficult, and can require a huge amount of work. We are experts in the reagents industry and can help you find these reagents, through our Ximbassador program and bespoke online search tools.

Benefit From:

New reagents for commercialisation

Ximbassadors liaise with your researchers on campus to discover new reagents.

New revenue streams

Ximbio commercialises these reagents for you providing you with additional resources to focus on the commercialisation process.

A dedicated resource on campus

The Ximbassador program is focused purely on finding new reagents.

A comprehensive list of all reagents you own

Our portfolio is easily searchable by institute or by reagent, allowing you to quickly find and create a thorough list of all your reagents.

Discover how our Ximbassador program can help you

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