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Ximbassador Programme Legacy

The benefits of technology transfer internships?

Having researchers who understand the importance of translating and commercialising their research and who have an interest and experience in these areas can significantly help technology transfer offices, when it comes to translating research. However, post-docs, PhD or graduate life scientists can struggle to gain these skills or career experience outside of academia and research. 

To this end, Ximbio created and offered the Ximbassador Programme between 2018 and 2020.

The Ximbassador Programme

Created specifically for post-doc, PhD or graduate life scientists looking to gain experience in alternative careers in science, the Ximbassador Programme was a paid internship run in conjunction with the institute or institute’s technology transfer office.

The role of the Ximbassador was to engage with laboratories on campus and uncover new research tools or materials of interest to other scientists. Run alongside the Ximbassador’s day-to-day research, the Ximbassador contributed to the identification, description and possible commercialisation of novel research tools generated at the university.

Asma Mohamed

The Programme benefited both the Ximbassador and the Technology Transfer Office:

The Ximbassador gained:

The TTO benefitted by:

o   experience of the world of tech transfer and commercialisation and unique work experience for their CV

o   transferable skills vital for their future career success 

o   a broad network of researcher and technology transfer connections

o   understanding of the business aspects of the life sciences industry and the importance of research translation and Intellectual Property

o   Increasing understanding of the role of the technology transfer office and the importance of translating research among its institute’s researchers

o   Taking advantage of an underutilised revenue channel – the commercialisation of research tools

o   Saving time and increasing efficiency and value

o   Gaining greater insight into the research taking place in the institute and a communication channel with the institute’s researchers

Discover some of the stories

...of former Ximbassadors and Technology Transfer Offices who took part in the Ximbassador Programme

Developing Technology Transfer experience

Ximbio’s Ximbassador Programme was implemented at over 40 universities across 4 continents, however due to COVID-19, the Programme was unfortunately forced to close. There are still ways in which post-docs, PhD or graduate life scientists can gain translation or entrepreneurial experience:

-          Cancer Research UK runs several events, webinars and training sessions to help researchers gain entrepreneurial and translational skills and experience. Discover information on the next event and how they could help support you.


-          Some Technology Transfer Offices offer internships or volunteering opportunities for post-docs, PhD or graduate life scientists. Contact your institute’s Technology Transfer Office, to discover if there are any opportunities available at your institute.


-          The Ximbio team is always looking to expand its research tool portfolio. If you or your PI has any research tools you would like to commercialise, contact us to start the commercialisation process.