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Become a Ximbassador

Ximbassador Programme

What is a Ximbassador?

Ximbassadors engage with laboratories on campus and uncover new reagents and materials of interest to other scientists. Ximbassadors will contribute to the identification, description, and possible commercialisation of novel research reagents generated at the university. This paid internship runs alongside the Ximbassador’s day-to-day research. 

The Ximbassador programme is carried out in conjunction with the institute or institute technology transfer office.


Who could be a Ximbassador?

This position would be ideal for a post-doc, PhD or graduate life scientist (e.g. in immunology, virology, biochemistry, cell biology, and molecular biology) looking to gain experience in alternative careers in science e.g. technology transfer and commercialisation of tangible biological materials.


Where is it based?

At the university where the candidate is based as a day-to-day representative.

Want more information?

Contact our Ximbassador team