introducing the Ximbassador Programme


Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and Ximbio have been partners since 2017. During this time, QMUL has added 55 reagents to the Ximbio portfolio. In order to generate insights into the life sciences research that was taking place within the life sciences industry, QMUL decided that it wanted to establish a Ximbassador Programme at the university.

What is the Ximbassador Programme?

The Ximbassador Programme is a paid internship aimed at life sciences post-docs, PhDs or graduates. It takes place alongside a Ximbassador’s day-to-day research and is run in conjunction with the institute or the institute’s Technology Transfer Office (TTO).

What is it like to be a Ximbassador?

We spoke to both the QMUL TTO - Queen Mary Innovation Ltd (QMI), and the Ximbassador to discover their thoughts and experiences of the Ximbassador programme:

The experience

“I chose to complete the Ximbassador internship as awareness of business is going to be at the forefront of what’s next within the Life Sciences industry. The fact that this programme really focused on tech transfer and that it was for CRUK were big draws for me.”

Toni, QMUL Ximbassador

“I think that the Ximbassador programme is a great programme as it provides the knowledge, expertise and network for Ximbassadors to shift to a tech transfer role. It provides an interesting alternative perspective of the link between science, inventiveness and business within the university environment. It’s particularly useful for scientists who desire to use their scientific skills and acumen to make an impact outside of the lab and want a smooth transition into the world of tech transfer.” It’s also a great opportunity for TTOs – it’s a two-way thing! The TTO gets to manage someone who has spent less time in the profession than they have and share their insights through mentoring. It provides the TTO with great support and reminds them of the things they find interesting within a tech transfer role.”

Eleftheria, QMI

The challenges

“My biggest challenge was winning the researchers over. Many of them didn’t want to be distracted and perceived you as a Sales Rep. Being part of the university allowed me to establish a connection. It was the best feeling, going into a meeting where the researchers weren’t sure about you and managing to leave the meeting with a good working relationship and a handshake!”

Toni, QMUL Ximbassador

The benefits

“I really appreciated the opportunity to connect and network with very senior researchers who had been at the university for years, as this isn’t an opportunity many people at my level of seniority get to do. I found the meetings inspiring and will be retaining these networks in the future.”

Toni, QMUL Ximbassador

“A benefit I really experienced from the Programme is that many small TTOs don’t have the resources and capacity to find reagents and commercialise them. Small TTO’s don’t normally focus their attention on research items that do not have a potential to be protected as intellectual property. In this way, the Ximbassador programme and the wider Ximbio partnership are a benefit because the TTO is given the opportunity to enhance their reputation and commercial revenue. “The programme also allows the TTO to develop managerial skills, which for a young professional provides a huge learning. I truly enjoyed being able to provide advice to the Ximbassador on how to progress their future careers as I went through a similar process myself and I will keep supporting the Ximbassador at their future endeavours. ”

Eleftheria, QMI

My recommendation

“I would really encourage any future Ximbassador to make the most of this opportunity. It’s a fantastic experience and it provides you with a platform to step into other roles within the tech transfer industry.”

Toni, QMUL Ximbassador

For more information on the Ximbassador programme, visit our website or if you are interested in working with us in the future, please get in touch.

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