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Save time, enhance your reputation and support the next generation of researchers. Recommend a Ximbassador!


What is a Ximbassador?

The Ximbassador program provides the resources your institute needs to investigate the tools and reagents that exist within its own labs.

A Ximbassador’s role is to uncover new reagents and research tools that are of interest to other scientists by engaging with laboratories on campus. This is important as these valuable research tools often go to waste in the back of freezers or are lost when researchers retire or move jobs.

Ximbassadors also contribute to the identification and description of novel research reagents, before working with the Ximbio team on the commercialization process required to turn the reagents into products.

The Ximbassador Program is a paid internship aimed at post-docs, PhDs or graduates in life sciences. It takes place alongside a Ximbassador’s day-to-day research and is run in conjunction with the institute or the institute’s Technology Transfer Office.

How do you Benefit?

Having a Ximbassador at your University provides you with several benefits. It allows you to:

  • Access a broader range of reagents as new research reagents are uncovered
  • Save time as the Ximbassador will be responsible for commercializing any reagents found
  • Improve your internal reputation by increasing the revenue generated for your institution (without any extra effort required from you)
  • Support the next generation of researchers by helping your students improve their career prospects
  • Improve your institute’s international recognition and reputation by increasing its reagent portfolio
  • Indirectly support cancer research as the Ximbassadors will be working for Ximbio

Who is Ximbio?

Ximbio is a non-profit that is part of the technology transfer licensing team within Cancer Research UK.

We are the world's largest non-profit dedicated to life science research reagents of all kinds.

Our reagent technology transfer team maintains a portfolio of globally sourced, diverse and unique research reagents that are easily accessible through the Ximbio website. Our mission is to make life science research reagents widely and easily available to you and other scientists to accelerate life science research. This is supported on the ground by the network of Ximbassadors.

What's in it for the Ximbassador?

Being a Ximbassador enables your students to:

  • put their research into context within the wider regulatory and professional environment
  • understand the business/ commercial aspects of the life sciences industry
  • gain transferable skills that are vital for their future career success
  • experience working in a commercial environment
  • establish a broad network of connections
  • add unique work experience to their CVs.

"As a Ximbassador I have gained an insight into the tech transfer industry as well as enhancing my interpersonal skills. I have enjoyed the whole experience and look forward to applying what I have learned towards my future career ".

Tracey Stevenson, 

BBSRC funded PhD at Durham University in the lab of Professor Marc Knight. 


How do I recommend someone for the role of Ximbassador?

The Ximbassador program is continuing to expand rapidly across our partner institutes, as these institutions and funding bodies are increasingly seeing the benefits of this experience in the development of their students’ and staff’s skills. To find out if your institution is one of Ximbio’s partner institutes and to recommend your post-docs, PhDs or graduates for a Ximbassador role, simply complete this form and a member of our Ximbassador team will respond shortly.