Researchers benefit from Ximbio’s expertise and experience in sourcing and commercialising their reagents. Here’s five reasons why an increasing number of scientists are choosing to work with us worldwide:

Increase your research time

Simplify the commercialisation of your reagents, by allowing us to do it for you. Working with Ximbassadors on campus, we can help you reduce your administrative burden, managing the entire commercialisation process for you; from responding to academic and commercial reagent enquiries to OEM, quality control and shipping management. 

Save your legacy 

Secure your reagents for the future and safeguard your legacy after retirement by partnering with us. Store your reagents either within our own repository or take advantage of our existing relationships with specialist global repositories.

Increase your international profile

We actively promote the reagents within our portfolio to our network of over 200 scientists, tech transfer offices (TTOs) and life science companies worldwide. This ensures your international profile will also increase as the reagent inventor and institute is included within the product information.

Generate income for you and your institute

Any revenue generated from your reagent’s commercialisation is automatically shared back with you and your institute, enabling you to generate revenue for your institute without losing your research focus.

Avoid legal pitfalls

Sharing reagents can be a legal minefield due to Intellectual Property (IP) and ownership rights. Without knowing exactly who owns each derivative part of your reagent, sharing your reagents can put you in breach of your institute’s legal obligations. We can help you navigate these legal pitfalls by responding to any academic or commercial enquiries you receive and commercialising your reagents for you.



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