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Cambridge Enterprise Limited (CE) is the technology transfer and commercialisation arm of the University of Cambridge.

Amongst other things, CE commercialises reagents derived from University research, including but not limited to, small molecules, cell lines, antibodies and proteins. The deals range from licensing specialist reagents to companies, for their research programmes and to use in commercial kits or services, to licensing to life science reagent companies that produce and sell these reagents to scientists around the world.

For around three years now, CE has been working with Ximbio, the research tools business unit of Cancer Research Technology. Ximbio has set up an online portal which makes life science research tools more widely available to the worldwide scientific community. The Ximbio platform aids research scientists looking for specific reagents through its searchable database, extensive datasheets, and supplier options. In future, it will also feature peer review of listed products. Each reagent record can be linked to the originating inventor, enabling scientists and the institution to be credited for their work. By consolidating the research tools of world-leading research institutions, Ximbio streamlines the process by which scientists can share their research and reagent companies can source new products.

One set of reagents in our portfolio that has benefited from being on the Ximbio online portal is the Karpas portfolio of cell lines derived from cancer patients suffering from a range of different blood related cancers, including Non-Hodgkin’s Large Cell Lymphoma, Myeloma, B-Cell Leukaemia and T-Cell Leukaemia. These cell lines contain important biomarkers and mutations and have been used for a number of different research applications and licensed by companies and research institutions across the world. CE also partner with Ximbio by transferring the commercialisation of specific reagents to Ximbio. CE then shares in the revenue generated from the reagent commercialisation. Ximbio are responsible for the production, marketing and distribution of the reagent as well as identifying new licensing opportunities. CE has developed a good working relationship with Ximbio who are responsive to potential licensing opportunities and maintain a high standard of customer service.

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