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Being a Ximbassador

The Ximbassador Programme is a 6-month, paid, part-time internship that runs alongside your existing day-to-day role. It is run in conjunction with your institute’s Technology Transfer Office. As a Ximbassador you will engage with laboratories on campus, uncover new reagents and materials of interest to other scientists, and be Ximbio’s day-to-day representative at your institute.

Requiring a total of 5 hours a week, your role will include:

  • working in close collaboration with your institute’s tech transfer office and the Ximbio portfolio managers at Cancer Research UK
  • engaging research scientists within your University’s life sciences departments to understand their research interests, and to further the understanding of the Ximbio model and Ximbio’s mission to accelerate research
  • uncovering new reagents and research tools (antibodies, cell lines, mouse models, proteins, compounds, etc.) at your institute by engaging with laboratories on campus
  • soliciting “invention disclosures” from the University investigators to the University Technology Commercialisation Office
  • contributing to the identification and description of novel research reagents
  • facilitating the addition of new reagents to the Ximbio portfolio so that they are more easily available to the scientific community

Benefit by:

  • experiencing the world of tech transfer and commercialisation
  • understanding the business aspects of the life sciences industry and gaining experience in alternative scientific careers (including technology transfer, science communication, commercialisation, industry and non-profit)
  • gaining transferable skills that are vital for your future career success (including negotiation, relationship management, due diligence, networking, intellectual property, licensing, product management, e-commerce, marketing and project management skills)
  • putting your research into context within the wider regulatory and professional environment
  • understanding the importance of reagent commercialisation and Intellectual Property.
  • adding unique work experience to your CV
  • establishing a broad network of connections

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