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More than 7900 researchers from 1900 institutes worldwide, have already connected with Ximbio to source reagents.


Our Services for Researchers

Find your ideal reagent

Access a diverse variety of reagents, including special access to tools developed by Cancer Research UK, through our portfolio.

Reduce your MTA burden

Discover how we can help you manage MTA requests, whilst saving time and reducing your MTA burden

Simply your reagent commercialisation

Create new collaborations, generate income and streamline your reagent commercialisation process.

Reduce your reagent portfolio administration

Save time as we promote, distribute and ship your reagents for you.

Safeguard your reagents

Simplify the management of your reagent storage process through our existing agreements with multiple repositories.

Simplify your reagent distribution process

Discover how we produce reagents at scale, ensuring they are quickly and efficiently shipped to the requester.

Support the next generation of researchers

Discover how the Ximbassador Internship Programme can help you save time in identifying and commercialising reagents whilst providing valuable industry experience for young researchers

Talk to us

Prefer to have a chat? Contact us to discover how else we can work with you.