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Interested in the commercial potential of your research tools? Running out of storage space and want to preserve important research tools for the future? Retiring or moving and worried about the future of key research tools? Ximbio’s expertise in research tool commercialisation and licensing can help you screen, commercialise and manage research tools with previously unknown commercial or scientific value.

How we can help

When you partner with us, we can help you select those research tools that have commercial or scientific value. Ximbio then supports you through the process of commercialising and depositing those research tools, either in our own repository or in one of our partner repositories.

Benefit by:

  • Simplifying your research tool commercialisation process
  • Protecting and storing your research tools
  • Avoiding the burden of managing licences and supply obligations
  • Reaching a wider audience for your research tools
  • Receiving additional income
  • Raising your profile internationally

How it Works

How it Works [Reagent Deposit]

Learn More about Depositing

Contact our team to learn more about depositing your research tools onto the portfolio