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Researchers and technology transfer offices can virtually upload their reagents to the Ximbio website. This process is simple, quick and the first step in making reagents visible and globally available.

Ximbio enables scientists and institutions to raise their profile and share their research with the global life science community.

  • Each reagent can be linked to the originating inventor, enabling scientists and institutions to raise the profile of their research.
  • Future users will be able to trace the reagent back to where it originated from, making it easier to cite the source of reagents in publications.
  • Researchers and technology transfer offices can benefit from Ximbio’s existing relationships with more than 200 life science companies.

Ximbio enables technology transfer offices to increase the return on reagents originating from their institution.

  • Technology transfer offices often don’t have the time or resource to commercialise low-priority research tools such as small molecule tool compounds, antibodies, plasmids.
  • Technology transfer offices have the option of contracting Ximbio to fully manage their reagent portfolio. Ximbio then acts as an extension of the technology transfer office, arranging licensing agreements with life science companies and also offering manufacturing, storage and fulfilment facilities.
  • When Ximbio manages a reagent portfolio on behalf of a university the materials are physically transferred to the Ximbio laboratories, where the storage and ongoing distribution is managed. Therefore the inventor no longer needs to supply products direct to customers and reduces the risk of reagents getting ‘lost’ in laboratories when scientists leave or projects change.
  • A share of product-based revenues is returned to the depositing institution.

Building Improved Relationships with Scientists.

  • Ximbio enables scientists to directly upload reagents, the Ximbio team immediately establishes a link to the technology transfer office.
  • By using Ximbio, technology transfer professionals can build improved relationships with their scientists, in addition to potentially discovering new reagents that are being created within their institutes.
  • The linking of both the inventor and the university enables both parties to be recognised for the research they have done; in this way, researchers are credited and institutes can easily demonstrate impact through their online institution profile.
  • Ximbio makes it easier for both the inventor and technology transfer office to share their inventions with wider scientific community.
  • Ximbio helps technology transfer offices to build improved relationships with their scientists as reagents that may otherwise not have been commercialised due to lack of time and resource are made available to the wider scientific community.

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