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Who is Ximbio for?

Research reagents, such as antibodies, mice and cell lines are the cornerstones of basic scientific research; without them, scientists could not test their hypotheses, validate their ideas or develop new concepts.

  • Technology Transfer Offices and Inventing Scientists can use our industry experience to commercialise their reagents and upload reagents to the Ximbio website which can be linked to the originating inventor, enabling scientists and institutions to raise the profile of their research.
  • Life science reagents companies can use Ximbio to easily source new products to augment their portfolios via a straightforward commercialisation process.
  • Bench scientists can make informed decisions about which reagent to use experimentally with a fully searchable database, extensive datasheets, peer reviews and suppliers.


Ximbio is the world’s largest non-profit reagent technology transfer service with an online portfolio of diverse and unique research reagents sourced globally. Scientists can exchange knowledge and maximise commercial opportunities for research reagents they have created. Our mission is to make these novel reagents easily available to scientists to accelerate life science research.

Cancer Research Technology

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