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Selectable KPPR1 ordered transposon library

Invented at University Of Michigan


Catalogue Number 160482
Relevance A selectable ordered transposon library of Klebsiella pneumonia strain KPPR1, a rifampin-resistant derivative of ATCC 43816 to assess the impact of Capsular polysaccharide (CPS) biosynthesis and hypermucoviscosity (hmv) on the pathobiology of hypervirulent K. pneumoniae. The library contains 12,035 unique transposon insertions in single genes, as well as 2,820 intergenic insertions, and 40 insertions that disrupt two overlapping genes that can be selected. Transposon insertion sites identified using Cartesian Pooling and Coordinate Sequencing.
Notes This Catalogue Number corresponds to the selectable library. Selecting this Catalogue Number means you MUST specify which mutants of the library you are interested in ordering.

To order specific mutants please refer to the spreadsheet hyperlinked below. From that sheet please provide the tab on the sheet where the mutant is located, Gene Name, Insertion ID, Plate ID, and Well ID (or condensed library Plate and Well ID if applicable), in the enquiry form obtained via the corresponding tabs on the right hand side of this page. Having all of this information is critical to ensuring your order is processed in an accurate and timely fashion.

Transposon Library Order and Information Sheet

For the condensed library see Catalog Number 160481. For the full library see Catalog Number 160480.


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