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2fTGH Cell Line


Catalogue Number 151484
Antigen/Gene or Protein Targets IFNg signalling mutants,alpha interferon signalling pathway, IFN regulated human gene 6-16
Parental Line HT 1080
Host Human
Disease Keywords Fibrosarcoma
Model Mutant
Relevance The 2fTGH Cell Line is part of a panel of IFNy pathway mutant fibrosarcoma cell lines isolated by chemical mutagenesis of IFNy insensitive reporter cells derived from HT1080 cells. Knockout genes have been identified and span multiple members of the IFMy pathway. These cell lines are be useful for the in vitro study and comparison of disrupted interferon signalling at multiple points across the IFN pathway.

The following cell lines are part of the group of IFN signalling mutants: U4C, U2A, U3A, 2FTGH, U6A, U5A. Each containing a different mutation in the IFN signalling pathway.
Production Details Human; HT 1080 human sarcoma cell lines transfected with a vector encoding a selectable marker regulated by interferon to create the 2fTGH cell line, enabling selection of mutations in genes encoding components of the interferon signalling pathway. Chemical mutagenesis of the 2fTGH cell line enabled isolation of 10 IFNg signalling mutants.
Research Area Cell Signaling & Signal Transduction, Immunology
Recommended Growing Conditions Parental 2fTGH and mutant cell lines can be grown in DMEM with 10% FCS.
Positive Control The wild type 2FTGH human fibrosarcoma as a positive control together with the U5a and U3a IFNB resistant cell lines.
Cellosaurus ID CVCL_0115

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