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DLL1 Floxed Mouse


Catalogue Number 151481
Antigen/Gene or Protein Targets Delta like-1 (Dll1)
Disease Keywords Cancer; autoimmune disease
Relevance Conditional knockout of Dll1; in vivo studies of tissue-specific Dll1 knockout and Notch signalling The Dll1flox mouse enables tissue-specific knockout of Delta like-1, a principle ligand of Notch controlling cell fate in mutliple tissue types (neural, inner ear, haematopoietic, lymphoid, epidermal, intestinal epithelium and pancreas). Dll1flox carries loxP flanked exons within the Dll1 locus, allowing knockout of the Dll1 gene when mated to an appropriate Cre deleter mouse strain.

The Dll1flox mouse is unique in allowing conditional knockout and analysis of the role of Delta like1 in late embryonic, foetal or adult tissues, and is an ideal tool in the study of Delta like-1 and Notch signalling.
Production Details A Dll1 targeting vector, containing a loxP site inserted before exon 3, and a loxP flanked resistance cassette after exon 4, was transfected into 129 ES cells. Properly targeted ES cells containing a homologous recombination event were transfected with a Cre expression vector to excise the resistance cassette, and injected into a C57BL6 blastocyst. Chimeric offspring were mated on a C57BL6 background.
Conditional Yes
Conditional Description Dll1 gene with loxP sites flanking exons 3 & 4 enabling conditional Cre-mediate knockout.
Mouse Genetic Background/Cross History 129/C57BL/6
Zygosity Heterozygous
Research Area Cancer, Developmental Biology, Epigenetics & Nuclear Signalling, Genetic Studies Tools, Immunology, Neurobiology, Stem Cell Biology

References: 2 entries

Brooker et al. 2006. Development. 133(7):1277-86. PMID: 16495313.

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