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Wow! The numbers make you realise how much activity, and opportunity, is being created here. Over 2000 different companies and institutes from the smallest start-ups to major pharma. More than 4000 delegates and over 1000 individual meeting rooms set up to allow for the 24000 partnering meetings and discussions that will take place in three days of back to back introductions, negotiations and deal making.


Copenhagen provides the backdrop to this years Bio-Europe event and Ximbio is here to meet with both academic technology transfer teams and to develop our commercial contacts and channels to market. Events like this provide a concentrated opportunity to do what we do best; facilitate the connection between markets and inventors and understand what will be important to both in the coming year. Some of our work here focuses on completing agreements that have been forming over the last year while other meetings simply introduce Ximbio’s concept to new potential customers and contacts.


Three days spent here is both a test of stamina and an incredible window into the potential and opportunity in life science today. Connections and deals made here will be powering product development, partnerships and commercialisation for years to come.



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Ximbio works across researchers, life science suppliers, pharma and biotech companies to identify and share research tools for the benefit of inventors and the life science community.