Ximbio manages the commercialisation of research tools from many universities and biotechnology companies, acting like an extension of the tech transfer office.  Here are five reasons a growing number of organisations are choosing to work with us:    

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Market reach and deal experience

We can put your institute’s technologies in front of the right audience. Over 800 business development contacts at 350 commercial companies regularly receive our product mailers.  We have agreements in place with all of the top 20 life science reagent supply companies. Our existing relationships and experience mean we can negotiate deals quickly.  We’ve been commercialising research tools for over 25 years, originally under the Cancer Research Technology brand and as Ximbio since 2014.  

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Securing physical material

Valuable physical material such as cell lines and animal models can be lost when researchers move on, retire or simply don’t have the funding, time or staff to maintain or produce stock.  We can store, produce and distribute most types of research tools and reagents; we have numerous examples where this has alleviated the burden or filled a gap at the originating lab e.g. a technician leaving or retirement of a principal investigator.

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Manufacturing and OEM supply 

We generate and supply physical material.  Some companies prefer to take physical material, such as purified antibodies, ready prepared to add to their portfolios and sell before deciding to convert to a licensing deal where they produce the finished material.  We have an established sales order process dispatching research tools to companies worldwide including customs clearance.

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Expertise handling a wide range of research tool types, rare and unique 

Any kind of research tool in the life science research arena is of interest to us – be it antibodies, cell lines, mouse models, vectors, small molecules, proteins and peptides, etc. This means we’re a one-stop route to commercialise a diverse range of tools.

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Saving time and benefiting from existing relationships  

Many tech transfer offices simply do not have the time to dedicate to life science research tools.  At Ximbio we benefit from economies of scale and focusing on research use only and IVD deals.  We also have licences in place for a number of patented and third party owned technologies which commonly encumber novel research tools (e.g. eGFP licence).  This saves the technology transfer office time and money negotiating licences for this IP. We also work closely with international repositories and facilitate the deposit of materials to the most suitable organisation.

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