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MRP-14 (S100a9 -/-) Knockout Mouse


Catalogue Number 151588
Antigen/Gene or Protein Targets S100a9
Disease Keywords Inflammatory disease;
Synonyms Myeloid-related protein 14 (MRP-14)
Model Mutant
Relevance S100a9 and its heterodimeric partner, S100a8, are a cytosolic calcium-binding protein, highly expressed in neutrophils and monocytes. This knockout mice generated by targeted disruption of the gene is useful for understanding the function of S100a9 and the dispensability of both S100a8 and S100a9 for myeloid cell functions.
Production Details The S100a9 gene was disrupted in ES cells with a replacement-type targeting vector and the strategy shown in the publication. ES cells were electroporated, and of 196 neomycin (G418)-resistant clones, 13 were correctly targeted. Two targeted clones were injected into C57BL/6 mouse blastocysts, and two independent strains of S100a9 -/- mice were established. The S100a9 -/- wild-type and mutant alleles were distinguished both by Southern hybridization with probe E following BglII digestion of mouse tail DNA and by a PCR-based assay. Interbreeding of S100a9 heterozygotes yielded the proportions of 1.0:1.9:1.0 for wild-type–heterogeneous–null mice, approximating the expected ratio for Mendelian inheritance.
Growth/Phenotype Keywords No phenotype as yet
Strain C57BL/6
Research Area Cancer, Cell Structure and Motility, Genetic Studies Tools, Immunology

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