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Anti-BRCA2, Polyclonal [MTA42]


Catalogue Number 151571
Applications ChIP IP WB
Antigen/Gene or Protein Targets BRCA2
Synonyms BRCA 2, BRCA1/BRCA2 containing complex subunit 2, Brca2, BRCA2_HUMAN, BRCC 2, BRCC2, Breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility gene early onset, Breast cancer 2 early onset, Breast Cancer 2 tumor suppressor, Breast cancer susceptibility protein BRCA2, Breast cancer type 2 susceptibility protein, BROVCA2, FACD, FAD 1, FAD, FAD1, FANCB, FANCD 1
Reactivity Human and Mouse
Relevance Breast Cancer Type 2 susceptibility protein (BRCA2) is a tumour suppressor gene. BRCA2 is involved in the repair of chromosomal damage, specifically in localising Rad51 to double strand breaks. BRCA2 and BRCA1 are frequently mutated in cases of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.
Host Rabbit
Immunogen Human BRCA2 sequence
Concentration 1.47 mg/ml
Formulation PBS, 0.1% NaN3
Molecular Weight (kDa) 370
Notes Suggested dilutions for WB: 1/500 to 1/1000
Positive Control HeLa and U2OS human cells
Research Area Cancer, DNA Damage and Repair, Epigenetics & Nuclear Signalling

References: 2 entries

Zhang et al. 2012. Clin Cancer Res. 18(21):5961-71. PMID: 22977194.


Badie et al. 2010. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 17(12):1461-9. PMID: 21076401.


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