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K14dNLef1 Mouse


Catalogue Number 151564
Antigen/Gene or Protein Targets Lef1 N-terminal mutant (constituitive transcirptional activity)
Disease Keywords Cancer; sebaceous adenoma; sebeoma; squamous papilloma; telogen effluvium;
Relevance In vivo study of Lef1 activity in skin; model for hair growth & follicle formation; disease model for skin tumour formation (sebaceous adenoma, sebeoma, squamous papilloma)
Production Details A deltaNLef1 transgene vector, containing an N-terminally deleted mouse Lef1 cDNA under the control of the keratin 14 promoter, was injected into fertilised CBA/C57BL6 ooctyes. Founders were backcrossed to establish transgenic lines.
Conditional Yes
Conditional Description Conditional expression of deltaN-Lef1 under Keratin 14 promoter giving tissue-specific epidermal expression.
Growth/Phenotype Keywords Tumourigenesis (skin); skin abnormalities (hair follicle, sebaceous gland)
Research Area Cancer, Cell Signaling & Signal Transduction, Developmental Biology, Epigenetics & Nuclear Signalling, Genetic Studies Tools, Stem Cell Biology

References: 1 entry

Niemann et al. 2002. Development. 129(1):95-109. PMID: 11782404.

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