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SAP1 Mouse


Catalogue Number 151554
Antigen/Gene or Protein Targets Elk4 / SAP-1
Disease Keywords Castleman disease;
Relevance In vivo study of SAP-1 knockout; in vivo study of positive T cell selection & development
Production Details An Elk4 targeting vector, containing a resistance cassette inserted between exons 1 and 4, was transfected into 129 ES cells. Properly targeted ES cells containing a homologus recombination event were selected, cloned and injected into blastocysts. Chimeric offspring were backcrossed to establish heterozygous lines, and interbred to establish homozygous mice.
Conditional No
Growth/Phenotype Keywords Immune abnormalities (T cell development);
Research Area Cell Signaling & Signal Transduction, Genetic Studies Tools, Immunology
Notes The SAP-1 mouse demonstrate a phenotype analogous to mutlicentric Castleman disease when maintained in non-sterile housing.

SAP-1 mice exhibit abnormalities in T cell populations, resulting from abnormal negative selection during T cell development.

References: 1 entry

Costello et al. 2004. Nat Immunol. 5(3):289-98. PMID: 14770179.

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