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Integrin a6b4 Mouse


Catalogue Number 151550
Antigen/Gene or Protein Targets Alpha6Beta4 Integrin
Disease Keywords Cancer; squamous cell carcinoma;
Relevance Chemically-induced skin tumourigenesis model; in vivo study of alpha6 and beta4 integrin transgene expression in skin. Ninety six percent of alpha6beta4 transgenic mice develop squamous cell carcinoma, compared to 44% wildtype. Of those mice developing tumours, 68% alpha6beta4 develop metastasis, compared to 8% wildtype. TGF-beta signalling is disrupted in alpha6beta4 transgenic mice.
Production Details Involucrin - integrin transgene expression constructs were injected into fertilized oocytes from F1 hybrid CBAxC57Bl/6 mice. Transgene-positive mice were back-crossed to generate individual founder lines. alpha6 founder line was crossed with beta4 founder line to generate alpha6beta4 line.
Conditional Yes
Conditional Description Conditional expression of integrins under involucrin promoter giving tissue-specific suprabasal epidermal expression.
Growth/Phenotype Keywords Tumourigenesis (skin);
Mouse Genetic Background/Cross History CBA x C57BL/6
Zygosity Heterozygous
Research Area Cancer, Cell Type or Organelle Marker, Cell Signaling & Signal Transduction, Genetic Studies Tools, Stem Cell Biology

References: 1 entry

Owens DM et al, Journal of Cell Science, 2003, v116 pp3783-3791PMID: 12902406

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