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CMT 167 Cell Line


Catalogue Number 151448
Host Mouse
Tissue Lung
Disease Keywords Lung carcinoma
Model Tumour line
Relevance The CMT 167 Cell Line is a highly metastatic subclone of murine alveogenic epithelial tumour line CMT 64; it is an in vivo mouse tumourigenesis and metastasis model and allows comparison of growth characteristics and metastasis of mouse tumour lines (homoplastic with stable CMT 64 line).
Production Details Mouse; subclone of CMT 64 alveogenic lung carcinoma (isolated from primary tumour in C57BL/lcrf mouse), CMT 167 isolated by subcloning and in vivo screening for high metastatic potential.
Research Area Cancer, Drug Discovery & Development
Growth/Phenotype Keywords Tumourigenesis
Recommended Growing Conditions CMT167 cell line can be grown in DMEM with 10% FCS, supplemented with 20mM Hepes
Cellosaurus ID CVCL_2405

References: 2 entries

Layton et al. 1984. Br J Cancer. 49(4):415-21. PMID: 6324836.

Franks et al. 1976. Cancer Res. 36(3):1049-55. PMID: 1253168.

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