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FLYRD18 Cell Line


Catalogue Number 151446
Parental Line HT 1080
Host Human
Disease Keywords Fibrosarcoma
Model Packaging
Relevance The FLYRD18 Packaging cell line enables production of high-titer, human complement-resistant recombinant retroviruses, with significantly reduced probability of replication-competent retrovirus generation. HT1080-based packaging cell line enabling production of recombinant retroviral vectors with Moloney murine leukemia virus cores and cat endogenous virus RD114 virus envelopes. The vectors demonstrate high resistance to the inhibitory effects of human serum/complement, increasing penetration of the vector, and making the system ideal for in vivo gene transfer.
Production Details Human; for details of production of FLYRD18 cell line see Cosset et al. 1995. Journal of Virology. 69:7430-36. PMID: 7494248
Research Area Gene Expression, Genetic Studies Tools
Growth/Phenotype Keywords Recombinant retroviral production
Recommended Growing Conditions For recommended growth and recombinant retrovirus production conditions see Cosset F et al, Journal of Virology, 1995, v69 pp7430-7436 & Takeuchi Y et al, Journal of Virology, 1994, v68 pp8001-8007
Cellosaurus ID CVCL_8871

References: 2 entries

Cosset et al. 1995. J Virol. 69(12):7430-6. PMID: 7494248.

Takeuchi et al. 1994. J Virol. 68(12):8001-7. PMID: 7966590.

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