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InvEE Mouse


Catalogue Number 151444
Antigen/Gene or Protein Targets MEK1
Relevance A transgenic mouse expressing constitutively active MEK 1 in the epidermis. The mouse displays many phenotypes associated with psoriasis including abnormal keratinocyte differentation, hyperproliferation of keratinocytes and infiltration of inflammatory elements. Disease model for psoriasis; in vivo study of constituitively active murine MEK1 mutant (S217E/S221E) in skin.
Production Details An involucrin - MEK1 transgene expression construct was injected into male pronucleus of fertilized F1 hybrid CBAxC57Bl/6 embryos. Transgene-positive mice were mated with wildtype F1 CBAxC57BL/6 to generate founder lines.
Conditional Yes
Conditional Description Conditional expression of MEK1 under involucrin promoter giving tissue-specific suprabasal epidermal expression.
Research Area Cell Signaling & Signal Transduction, Genetic Studies Tools

References: 1 entry

Carroll et al. 1995. Cell. 83(6):957-68. PMID: 8521519.

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