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Anti-MDM2 [SMP14]


Catalogue Number 151295
Applications ELISA IHC IF IP WB
Antigen/Gene or Protein Targets Murine Double Minute 2 protein (MDM2)
Reactivity Human
Relevance MDM2 is over-expressed in many tumours. Its principal function is the ubiquitination and degradation of p53 tumour suppressor protein.
Host Mouse
Immunogen Synthetic peptide CSRPSTSSRRRAISE (residues 154-167 in human MDM2) cross-linked to KLH using glutaldehyde.
Subclass IgG2a
Positive Control Breast carcinoma
Myeloma Used P3X63Ag8.653
Recommended Growing Conditions DMEM + 5% FCS
Strain Balb/c
Notes SMP14 monoclonal antibody also recognises a peptide epitope around Thr-216 of murine MDM2 (when Thr-216 is unphosphorylated) see Zhang & Prives, 2001 for further details. SMP14 also cross reacts with some cytokeratins (6, 14 & 16). This is only a problem when working with certain epithelial cells and not fibroblasts.
Research Area Adhesion, Cancer, Cell Cycle, Epigenetics & Nuclear Signalling

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