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Anti-ACTR2 [149/1]


Catalogue Number 151217
Applications IHC IF IP WB
Antigen/Gene or Protein Targets Activin receptor type 2 (ACTR2)
Reactivity Human
Relevance ACTR2 is a serine/threonine kinase receptor. Activin signal transduction pathways are implicated in diverse developmental and physiological processes. Activin is implicated in control of vascular endothelial growth.
Host Mouse
Immunogen Recombinant fusion protein composed of the intracellular kinase domain of the human type 2 activin receptor fused to gluthathion S-transferase
Subclass IgG1
Myeloma Used P3/NS1/1-Ag4.1
Recommended Growing Conditions DMEM + 5% FCS. Thaw into DMEM + 10% FCS and 10% Iscoves and reduce to DMEM + 5% FCS
Strain Balb/c
Research Area Cardiovascular, Cell Signaling & Signal Transduction, Cell Structure and Motility, Developmental Biology

References: 3 entries

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