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Anti-p53 [Pab 1103]


Catalogue Number 151142
Applications IHC IP WB
Antigen/Gene or Protein Targets p53. large T-associated form of p53.
Reactivity Human
Relevance p53 is a stress-regulated transcription factor that regulates cell cycle arrest and was first identified as an SV40 large T antigen-binding protein. Mutation of p53 is the most common genetic change so far identified in a number of major carcinomas. Pab 1103 is useful as research reagent to investigate structural similarity between large T and p53.
Host Mouse
Immunogen A slice of gel containing p53 homogenised in PBS. The p53 was extracted from the human SV40-transformed fibroblast cell line SV80 and purified by immunoprecipitation and SDS gel electrophoresis.
Subclass IgM
Positive Control MDA-MB-231 cell line
Molecular Weight (kDa) 53
Recommended Growing Conditions DMEM + 5% FCS
Strain Balb/c
Research Area Apoptosis and Programmed Cell Death, Cancer, Cell Cycle, DNA Damage and Repair, Epigenetics & Nuclear Signalling

References: 2 entries

Leppard et al. 1984. J Virol. 50(2):457-64. PMID: 6323746.

Leppard et al. 1983. EMBO J. 2(9):1457-64. PMID: 11892796.

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