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Anti-HPV16E6 & HPV18E6 [C1P5]


Catalogue Number 151083
Applications IHC IP WB
Antigen/Gene or Protein Targets Human Papilloma Virus-16 and 18 early protein 6 (HPV16E6 & HPV18 E6)
Reactivity Human papilloma virus
Relevance The human papilloma virus (HPV) family of DNA tumor viruses includes HPV-16 and HPV-18, which are associated with a large proportion of cervical cancer cases. HPV early proteins E6 and E7 are the major viral oncoproteins that regulate cell proliferation through the inactivation of p53 and Rb1 tumour suppressor proteins respectively. C1P5 can be used for detection of HPV in cervical smears and biopsies and analysis of E6 expression in cell transformation studies.
Host Mouse
Immunogen Gel-purified HPV-18 E6-beta galactosidase fusion protein
Subclass IgG1
Myeloma Used P3/NS1/1-Ag4.1
Recommended Growing Conditions DMEM + 5% FCS
Strain Balb/c
Notes Reacts with HPV infected human cells
Research Area Cancer, Virology

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