Ximbio is pleased to announce a new partnership with VIB. VIB is a life sciences research institute, based in Flanders, Belgium, with research centres located in five of Belgium’s top universities. Ximbio will partner with VIB’s own technology transfer team to support the commercialisation of life science reagents and research tools created by VIB. This is Ximbio’s first partnership in Belgium, continuing its expansion across mainland Europe. VIB joins 11 other European institutions who already partner with Ximbio.

Company overview

VIB is an excellence-based entrepreneurial institute, with research centres at Ghent University, KU Leuven, University of Antwerp, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Hasselt University. VIB focuses on forging long-term strategic alliances in specific areas of expertise, including the fields of cancer, cardiovascular medicine, microbiology, proteomics, neuroscience and developmental biology. VIB cooperates with over 1470 scientists from more than 60 countries to perform basic research into the molecular foundations of life and to translate basic scientific results into pharmaceutical, agricultural and industrial applications.

In 2017, VIB realized a record 28.7 million euros in industrial income and concluded a total of 135 collaborations with industrial partners in the form of R&D agreements, licensing and/or service agreements. It currently manages a patent estate of 253 patent families and has published over 900 publications in tier 5 journals.

“To VIB, Ximbio represents a global online platform that helps us to distribute many interesting research tools. We expect that this collaboration will greatly advance the spread of VIB’s knowledge and know-how”

Elisabeth Stes, External Communications Manager

VIB’s partnership with Ximbio will help to develop:

  • New revenue sources through the discovery and licencing of novel research reagents
  • Increased international reach through Ximbio’s network
  • Increased recognition for the inventors of new research reagents
  • New options for screening, management and storage of VIB’s reagents
  • Cost and process benefits in reagent licencing

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