We pride ourselves on our partnerships with many different institutes and organisations worldwide. In particular, our partnerships with institutes who are pushing the boundaries of reagent production, or who have not previously established relationships with life science organisations. This is because it is these partnerships that allows us to offer you such a vast range of novel and diverse reagents. Here are some examples of the unique reagents you can access through our portfolio.

Unique partnerships, unique reagents, simple and easy access


A new cell culture medium designed to imitate the physiological profile of human plasma. This cell culture medium allows you to; grow your cell cultures in conditions that realistically mirror human physiological conditions, simplify your medium preparation process, and reduce inter- and intra- experimental variability. Find out more about this cell culture medium.

Fluorescent dyes

Researchers are looking for new and better approaches to identify and track specific markers within their research. Fluorescent probes can be directed at virtually any marker, with agents available to target specific organelles, proteins, lipids and macromolecules. Having a portfolio that contains as wide a selection as possible is therefore needed to meet this demand. Our portfolio contains fluorescent probes that target peroxisomes, the endoplasmic reticulum and lipids. Explore our full range of fluorescent probes.

Plant-based antibodies

There has been a growth in the number of start-ups and university spin offs focusing on using plant-hosts to create antibodies with advantages in set up time, reduced contamination risk and scalability. Although this process has its own challenges, you can now access plant-based antibodies from our portfolio. Investigate our range of plant-based antibodies. 

Cell lines

Simplifying your search for a wide variety of cell lines to add to your portfolios can help save you time. Our portfolio includes cell lines from a vast global network of institutes, including the laboratories of Nobel Prize winner, Sir Peter Ratcliffe, Charles Janeway, the father of Innate Immunity, and leading institutes such as the University of Cambridge, Uppsala University and A* in Singapore, among many others. Explore the full collection on our portfolio.

Repurposed drug candidates

Research tools can come from all sorts of backgrounds. Recently a new unique, reagent was added to the Ximbio portfolio. This reagent was invented by AstraZeneca and originally started life as a potential treatment for tumours, but after dropping out of the clinical trial process, found new application as a research reagent. Discover how AZD0424 was repurposed as a research tool.

Increase your reagent portfolio

We have a portfolio of over 3,000 reagents and new reagents are being added daily. If you can’t find the reagent you are looking for, get in touch and we will be happy to help.