There are lots of funding, career and research opportunities for researchers at Cancer Research UK, no matter what stage of your career you are at. Here’s a few ways you can benefit:


Funding schemes:

There are numerous awards and funding schemes available from Cancer Research UK tailored to researchers.

The Pioneer Award: This is aimed at any type of researcher, including clinicians, post-graduates and researchers. The purpose of this award is to fund innovative, high-risk ideas that could change our understanding of cancer. For more information, visit the website.

Grand Challenge: Cancer Research UK’s Grand Challenge is a series of awards aimed at tackling the toughest challenges in Cancer. Discover when the applications for the next award start. 

Early Detection and Innovation Sandpit Award: This award funds multidisciplinary collaborations to improve early detection of cancer. Find out how you can attend the next workshop and gain the change of receiving this funding. 

View the full list of funding schemes and awards available for researchers.  

Translating research support

There are several teams within Cancer Research UK who specialise in helping you translate your research for use in industry. The main teams who can support with this are:

The Opportunity Sourcing team: This team is based at universities across the country and can help connect you and advise you on the relevant teams and awards within Cancer Research UK to ensure you benefit from your research. Contact the team today. 

Ximbio: Any life sciences reagents such as antibodies, cell lines, mouse models or small molecules can be of value in research into Cancer. Cancer Research UK’s Ximbio team can support you in making these research tools available to other scientists worldwide. Find out how you could benefit.

The Innovation Summit: Cancer Research UK has a specific focus on helping you develop your entrepreneurial and innovation skills. Part of this focus is encouraging researchers to attend the Innovation Summit. This yearly event helps you network with other researchers interested in innovation and provides you with top tips on why you should be interested in entrepreneurship and how it benefits you. Discover more.

Career development:

There are several Cancer Research UK fellowships aimed at helping researchers develop their careers. These include:

Ximbassador Internship Programme: This paid for, part-time internship allows post-docs and PhD students to gain experience of the technology transfer industry and the tasks involved in translating research alongside their day-to-day PhD or Postgraduate role. Discover more about this internship.

Career Development Fellowship: This fellowship supports new group leaders who may not be able to establish their own independent research group. This fellowship provides the funding for up to two posts including salary and equipment. Discover more. 

AACR-CRUK transatlantic fellowship: This fellowship is part of a collaboration between AACR and Cancer Research UK. It is aimed at US or UK researchers who are close to completing a doctoral degree and are looking to the next stage in their career. Discover more about this fellowship. 

Discover other career development opportunities for PhD students and Postdocs.