Not every researcher sees the value in speaking with their tech transfer office about sharing and translating their research outputs. However, many researchers, if not all, are carrying out some form of knowledge exchange, tech transfer or research translation; for example, sharing your newly modified cell line with a collaborator in another laboratory; or providing advice and expertise to another researcher. So, why should you approach your technology transfer office (TTO) if you are already doing many of these activities? We examine three reasons why:

Material ownership

Often your novel reagent (invention) was formed from multiple component parts and this can be complicated, especially when it comes to distributing or sharing your materials. Many factors need to be considered; from how you used the component part(s) in your invention, to how and whom you received the components from. Understanding this is important as there may be certain conditions attached to these parts that will make it hard for you to make your invention available to others. For example, you may havecreated a novel modified cell line but one of the component parts is a parental line which you did not create. The American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) has stringent rules about the use of cell derivatives from its cell lines. Your TTO can help you carry out the necessary due diligence on your invention. This ensures any issues with any of the component parts of your invention are identified early, before you progress with translation.

Control of materials

It can be very easy for you to lose control of your materials, if you personally send samples to many other laboratories. Keeping control of your materials is important so that your efforts continue to be recognised. If you don’t have the correct agreement in place, it can be hard to make sure certain conditions are adhered to. For example, it can be difficult for you to raise your objections if the person you have shared your reagents with, decides to also share them with other researchers (and without your knowledge or recognition as the inventor). Your TTO can ensure that your concerns and requirements are registered within a material transfer agreement, providing you with necessary legal protection.

Demonstrate your value and impact from material transfer

Working with your TTO allows you to keep aclear record of the demand for your invention. This can sometimes count assupporting evidence when applying for funding. In addition, it allows you toclearly show your institute the value and impact you are generating and theinfluence your research is having worldwide.

There are many benefits from working with your technologytransfer office, not least ensuring that you are protected from a legalperspective. Your TTO is there to support you through the whole process of protecting,sharing and distributing your research outputs worldwide. Ximbio works closely with your TTO to safeguard and protect any of your life science reagents that are of commercial interest. Discover how we work with researchers or for more information, get in touch.