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Q: How many types of cell culture media are there?

There are many types of cell culture media as the growth and metabolic requirements and biological environments of cultured cells are myriad. However, all cell culture media can be divided into two main groups – natural and artificial. Read more

Q: What is cell culture?

Cell or tissue culture refers to the growth and maintenance of cells derived from tissues of an animal, from insect to human, in an artificial environment often referred to as in vitro. Read more

Q: Where can I purchase Plasmax?



Q: Can Plasmax be used like a growth focussed media (e.g. DMEM)?

Yes, Plasmax is ready-to-use and is designed to be used as a direct replacement for conventional media. Cell viability has been tested in various cell types with 2.5% Foetal Bovine Serum.

Q: Why was Plasmax developed?


Dr. Saverio Tardito from the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute needed a cell culture media that better reflected human physiological conditions. Discover the story of how he created Plasmax:

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Q: What is Plasmax?

Plasmax is a cell culture medium that closely mimics the metabolic and physiological profile of human plasma. It is a chemically defined and ready-to-use medium, painstakingly developed to give the best possible representation of in vivo conditions.
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