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Cell culture media - Plasmax

Plasmax is a new physiologically relevant cell culture medium to study cancer biology. It is a human plasma like medium that is designed to improve the metabolic fidelity and biological relevance of in vitro cancer models.

Q: What is Plasmax?

Plasmax is a cell culture medium that closely mimics the metabolic and physiological profile of human plasma. It is a chemically defined and ready-to-use medium, painstakingly developed to give the best possible representation of in vivo conditions.
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Q: Why was Plasmax developed?


Dr. Saverio Tardito from the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute needed a cell culture media that better reflected human physiological conditions. Discover the story of how he created Plasmax:

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Q: Can Plasmax be used like a growth focussed media (e.g. DMEM)?

Yes, Plasmax is ready-to-use and is designed to be used as a direct replacement for conventional media. Cell viability has been tested in various cell types with 2.5% Foetal Bovine Serum.

Q: Where can I purchase Plasmax?



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