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Pdgrfb-Cre Mouse


Catalogue Number 151534
Antigen/Gene or Protein Targets Cre recombinase under Pdgfrb promoter
Disease Keywords Cancer; angiogenesis
Relevance Cre expressed under Pdgfrb promoter enabling conditional recombine expression in pericytes and smooth vascular muscle cells (tissue-specific loxP knockout/knockin)
Production Details A Pdgfrb-Cre transgene vector, containing a genomic Pdgfrb promoter fragment fused to Cre recombinase and a polyA sequence, was injected into fertilised 129/C57BL6 oocytes. Founder lines were backcrossed to establish transgenic lines on a mixed 129/C57BL6 background.
Conditional Yes
Conditional Description Pdgfrb-Cre enables conditional, pericyte and smooth vascular muscle cell knockout/knockin/transgene expression of loxP flanked genes.
Mouse Genetic Background/Cross History 129/C57BL/6
Research Area Cancer, Cardiovascular, Genetic Studies Tools, Immunology

References: 2 entries

Kogata et al. 2009. Genes Dev. 23(19):2278-83. PMID: 19797768.

Foo et al. 2006. Cell. 124(1):161-73. PMID: 16413489.

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