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Anti-Keratin 5/6/18 [LP34]


Catalogue Number 151125
Applications ELISA IHC IF WB
Antigen/Gene or Protein Targets Keratin 5/6/18 (pan-epithelial)
Reactivity Human
Relevance Keratins 5, 6 are members of type II keratins family that are specifically expressed in the inner root sheath of hair follicles. The type II cytokeratins consist of basic or neutral proteins which are arranged in pairs of heterotypic keratin chains coexpressed during differentiation of simple and stratified epithelial tissues. Keratin 18 is memeber of the type I intermediate filament chain keratin 18. Keratin 18, together with its filament partner keratin 8, are perhaps the most commonly found members of the intermediate filament gene family.

Anti-Keratin 5/6/18 [LP34] shows a broad pattern of reactivity with human epithelial tissues, from simple glandular epithelia to stratified squamous epithelia. Epithelial cells are labelled whether they are ectodermal, mesodermal, or endodermal in origin. However, the recognition of cytokeratin 18 on paraffin sections using this antibody may be variable.
Host Mouse
Immunogen Detergent-insoluble fraction of psoriatic human epidermis
Subclass IgG1
Positive Control Human skin
Molecular Weight (kDa) 10
Myeloma Used Sp2/0-Ag14
Recommended Growing Conditions DMEM + 5% FCS
Research Area Cell Signaling & Signal Transduction

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